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  • Kolohe and the Blessings of Color by Susan Culliney

    Early in time, when the newly hatched children of the Mother lived happily on the islands she had created, all these birds were without color.  Though they sang, ate grubs and fruits, and flew across barren lava plains and lush forests, their plumage was dull and insignificant.  One day, news spread across the islands:  the […]

  • Thirty Years Later: The Warrior Pose by Britt Bailey

    “Okay, arms parallel to the ground, left leg straight, bend your right knee slightly.  Now, looking into your third eye, extend into the stretch.” In my thirteenth year, I spent many afternoons riding my bike through the streets of Memphis.  I always took the back streets to avoid traffic and to see the scenes of […]

  • The Skull in the Plastic Bag: A Law School Reality Check by Monty Anderson

    The case was apparently famous.  Murder was nothing new to Hawaii, but this murder had all the trappings of a major motion picture: desperate criminals on the run, a secluded tropical island, the mysterious disappearance of two innocents, and the eventual discovery of one of those innocents, dismembered and stuffed in a trunk.  Indeed, Hollywood […]

  • The Fifty Year Shoulder by Dale Lee

    My reputation is that of a conscientious worker and hours spent in the office  consistently extend well beyond “normal business hours.” When, all of a sudden, it seems, I begin to leave the office before 5:00p twice a week – the whispers are way too loud. My entry into a subculture that thrives in our […]

  • The Parade by Mickey Knox

    Andy Warren crossed his eyes and wrinkled his nose.  Little Madison Woodrow Harris giggled and ducked down below the tabletop.  Andy cracked open his tanned lips into a smile, showing off bridge-work from a few years back. “Don’t worry, Stringbean.  Ole’ Andy don’t bite,” said Madison’s grandpa Elmer. “I don’t know about that . . […]

  • Faith by Bianca Isaki

    My mother once told me that I am the reason that she goes to church. When I was born I had a heart defect and the doctors told her that there was nothing to do, except hope that the defect would heal on its own. She prayed to god. If I survived, she would commit […]

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