Welcome to Fall 2013!!

Welcome Clubs!!

Are you ready for another amazing year at Hawai‘i Community College?  We hope so!  The Student Life Program and the Student Council have been working hard to bring you some exciting events this year!  And we are kicking off the year with …

Welcome Week
Fall 2013
August 23, 26-29

Join us for food, laughter, entertainment, student success workshops, and giveaways!  We have partnered with GEAR UP and Agree to Degree to make the first week of school memorable.  Learn the school song.  Find out how to find a job on campus.  Get skilled at Laulima.  Thereʻs something for everyone!

Clubs that are interested in being a part of the Welcome Week activities are encouraged to get registered using the link below.  Clubs can have a table at the event to recruit new members and fundraise (if approved in time).  Clubs will have another opportunity to get involved with Student Life when the Student Council hosts its “RISO Day” event on September 18.  Stay tuned…

Click here to register a club