Student Life Program
In support of the Hawai`i CC mission, the Student Life Program is dedicated to providing a variety of programs that will enhance your college experience. The Student Life Program, which includes the Kau Wa`a Center and Chartered Student Organizations, is available to help you with your club. If you need more information, please contact the Kau Wa`a Center at 934-2733 or in person on the Manono Campus, Building 379, Room 15.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Student Life Coordinator, Larissa Leslie, by email at, by phone at 934-2732, or in person at Manono building 379A, Room 1A. Let’s get started!


2014 – 2015 RISO Online Registration (electronic format)
RISOs are required to have at least six (6) members who are currently enrolled Hawaiʻi CC students. 75% of the entire membership and all officers must be currently enrolled Hawai`i CC students.  Note: The advisor must fill out the online form and be logged in to her/his email account.

Registration Worksheet (paper format)
Use this old form as a worksheet to help gather the information needed to complete the online registration.  It is actually the last paper registration form offered (version 2011-2012). You may also use this form if you would like to submit a paper registration.  Note: Paper forms are no longer being updated.

RISO Sample Bylaws
A set of bylaws for an organization is its basic road map, which defines the limits of its authority, establishes the structure through which it achieves it organizational purpose and goals, and provides a sense of order.  Email for the editable Word document.

To use a Hawai‘i CC Facility
Go to the Hawai‘i CC Planning, Operations, and Maintenance (POM) website.  You can find the most recent Facility Use Form in the menu on the left side of the page.  Any RISO that would like to use a facility operated by Hawai‘i Community College must submit this form.
Routing: Club –> Advisor –> Student Life Program –> VCSA –> Hawai‘i CC POM

To use a UH Hilo Facility
Go to the UH Hilo Auxiliary website.  You can find the most recent Application for Facilty Use under the Application for Facility Use section.  Any RISO that would like to use a facility operated by UH Hilo should follow the appropriate guidelines on the website.
Routing: Club –> Advisor –> Student Life Program –> VCSA –> UH Hilo Auxiliary

Application for Facility Use: Addendum
This addendum is specifically for Hawai‘i CC RISOs and community vendors invited by Hawai`i CC Student Council to hold fundraising and other activities on the Hawai`i CC campus. This form must be attached to the “University of Hawaii, Hawaii Community College, Application for Facility Use” form (updated 2013).

Funding Requests 
Organizations that would like to request funds from the Student Council must submit their completed Funding Request form by the posted deadline.

Last updated: 02/06/2015