A Semester in Hawaiʻi

About the Program

If you would like the opportunity to explore diverse cultures, take extraordinary courses, and live on a tropical island of unsurpassed natural beauty, A Semester in Hawaiʻi may be right for you. A semester or year at the University of Hawaiʻi will be an experience you’ll never forget!

UH Mānoa

Located on an island half way between the east and the west, UH offers more than 500 courses with Asian and Pacific emphasis in 46 different departments. The vibrant, multi-cultural community of Honolulu is rich with customs from all over the east, unlike any other place in the US.

Our Students

Interested in what A Semester in Hawaiʻi actually looks like? Read our Student Spotlight features and Student Posts to see what real students are doing during their Semester in Hawaiʻi. You too can study abroad without leaving the United States by participating in A Semester in Hawaiʻi.


Latest Blog


      The Admissions Office of the University of Hawaii has rolled out a “Make Manoa Yours” video, which is a compilation of entries from the 2016 #MakeManoaYours contest. In this contest UH Mānoa students were invited to explain in a 15-second video how they made their Mānoa experience unique. The grand prize winner, Shidler College of

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Diamond Head Hike

                      Hiking in Hawaii is wonderful! Our group Diamond Head hike is a trek to a World War II bunker, which includes climbs up cement stairways, a walk through a dimly lit tunnel, and another climb up a metal spiral staircase. At the top you crawl through the slim opening where

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Welcome Students!

We’re eagerly waiting for our fall 2016 students to arrive in August! Madbury, Bonesha, Alessia, Taylor, Sophia, and Daniel are busy enjoying summertime right now, but soon they will board a plane and fly to our chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There’s a lot of adventure in the near future!

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