There comes a time in every graduate student’s life when they must think about funding. Whether it be for tuition, a research project, or conference trip, funding always looms in a graduate student’s mind. Below are brief explanations about types of funding for graduate students of SLS. For fuller explanations of funds directly from SLS, please visit this link:


Graduate Assistantships:

SLS graduate students can get a graduate assistantship in the ELI, HELP, athletics department, journals with headquarters at UH, the Education department, the flagship centers, and many more. Graduate assistantships with the Department of SLS (A.K.A ELI & HELP) are either given to students upon entering a graduate program or are announced for application via email. Other graduate assistantships can be regularly searched for on this website:


The Department of SLS gives some academic/achievement scholarships. These scholarships are given when one is admitted to a graduate program. There is no application process other than applying to a MA or PhD program.

If you have any affiliation with the “East”, then it is possible that you can apply for tuition funding from the East West Center. There are several different funding opportunities, so please visit their website:

Other Funding:

Conferences and research projects can be (partially) funded by the SLS Department. Currently these funding opportunities are SLS Graduate ‘Oihana Maika ‘i Fund, Russell J. & Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowships in Second Language Studies, Elizabeth Carr Holmes Scholarship, Ruth Crymes Memorial Grant, Harry Whitten Prize for Scholarly Excellence, Charlene Sato Memorial Scholarship. Please click on the links above to learn more about each funding opportunity.

UHM’s Graduate Student Organization (GSO) also provides funding for conference trips. Please check their website for more details: