Hotel rooms in Hawai’i are fairly expensive due to the tourism industry. You can expect to spend at least $50 a night for a cheap, basic hotel room in Waikiki.


From $25 a night and up, hostels are an option for either short or long-term stays. To find a general list of hostels and guest houses on Oahu, click this link: https://www.hostelz.com/hostels/USA/Hawaii/Oahu

Other options which many international students frequent include:

Honolulu AYH (next to campus)

www.hostelsaloha.com 2323A Seaview Ave., 808-946-0591

Although it is listed as a hostel, it is possible to rent here for long-term. They also have a Waikiki location, which does not provide long-term stays.

Residence Halls at UHM


“The residence halls comprise roughly two-thirds of all on-campus accommodations. The majority of rooms are double occupancy and are furnished with beds, desks, chairs, desk lights and closets. Rooms offer wired internet access via data port(s). Bed linen, pillows and other personal articles are not provided.”

The residence halls are primary housing for undergraduate students, however there are graduate student living sections in the apartment complexes. Room prices vary in terms of air conditioning, meal plan, number of roommates, and room layout.

East West Center Housing


The East West Center is an affiliated to UHM and their housing is located on campus. For short term stays, they have pay-by-night rentals. Additionally, they provide long-term housing for their program participants. Often SLS students become Student Affiliates or Graduate Degree Fellows in order to live within East West Center Housing.

Shinshu Kyokai


Shinshi Kyokai is located off campus and is connected to Shinshu Kyokai Mission. Many international students live here. They provide single rooms with no meal plan, but have an accessible kitchen.

Kalo Terrace


Located just behind lower campus and close to many food places is Kalo Terrace. This housing complex is unaffiliated to UHM. Newly renovated in 2016/2017, the housing options are double or single bedrooms within a shared apartment.

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