Hotel rooms in Hawai’i are fairly expensive due to the tourism industry. You can expect to spend at least $50 a night for a cheap, basic hotel room in Waikiki. Downtown (non-Waikiki) hotels should be avoided/ not even considered. More economical options, at about $20 a night are:

•Honolulu AYH (next to campus) 2323A Seaview Ave., www.hiayh.org, 808-946-0591

•Waikiki AYH, 2417 Prince Edward St., www.hiayh.org, 808-92

•Residence Halls at UHM

The residence halls comprise roughly two-thirds of all on-campus accommodations. The majority of rooms are double occupancy and are furnished with beds, desks, chairs, desk lights and closets. Rooms offer wired internet access via data port(s). Bed linen, pillows and other personal articles are not provided.”


You can also find more information at www.alternative-hawaii.com/accom/ohost.htm.

Be aware that cheaper hostel-type accommodations in Waikiki are back-packer havens, famous for their party atmospheres, lack of privacy, and noise.

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