Hotel rooms in Hawai’i are fairly expensive due to the tourism industry. You can expect to spend at least $50 a night for a cheap, basic hotel room in Waikiki. Downtown (non-Waikiki) hotels should be avoided/ not even considered. More economical options, at about $20 a night are:

•Honolulu AYH (next to campus) 2323A Seaview Ave., www.hiayh.org, 808-946-0591

•YMCA Atherton Branch (close to campus) 1810 University Ave., 808-946-0253

•YMCA Atkinson Branch, 401 Atkinson Dr., 808-941-3344

•Waikiki AYH, 2417 Prince Edward St., www.hiayh.org, 808-926-8313

You can also find more information at www.alternative-hawaii.com/accom/ohost.htm.

Be aware that cheaper hostel-type accommodations in Waikiki are back-packer havens, famous for their party atmospheres, lack of privacy, and noise.

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