Welcome Cooler:

Curious about SLSSA? Make sure to come to our Welcome Cooler! Welcome coolers happen at the beginning of every semester and include free food, leis, and the opportunity to get to know other graduate students in the SLS Department and the professors. During the fall, the Welcome Cooler proceeds the SLS Orientation. During the Spring it occurs during the first or second week of school. It is definitely an event not to be missed!

Check out the photos below from our previous Welcome Coolers!


Monthly Coolers:

Everyone needs a break from academic life. What better way to take a break than to share food and good conversation with your fellow SLS peers. Our monthly coolers provide a space for SLS grad students and faculty to relax and unwind once a month. On certain months, we have themed coolers to spice up our routine. Food and drinks are free for paying members of SLSSA.

Check out the photos below from our previous monthly coolers!