3 + 2 Program’s Cooperation with Partner Institutions

Once and your UHM 3+2 partner decide to work with each other on creating a 3+2 program, you will need to the UHM 3+2 Program coordinator and request him/her to draft the 3+2 Program agreement.  In order to have a clear idea of what information is needed to compose the 3+2 Program Agreement, please download the 3+2 Program Agreement Template below.  The agreement template is available in English and in Chinese. Please make sure that you understand all the terms and requirements of the 3+2 Program, and are able to provide all the necessary information for filling in the gaps of the template.

UHM 3+2 Program Agreement Template in English

UHM 3+2 Program Agreement Template in Chinese

To assist students with applying for the UHM 3+2 Programs, UHM 3+2 partner institutions will need to:

  • Each UHM’s 3+2 partner institution needs to have a designated 3+2 program point of contact. This person will be coordinate with UHM 3+2 Program Coordinator to:
  • recruit students
  • assist students in their application
  • keep communication about the program operation
  • provide a name list of applicant students before the application opening date:

Fall semester:  January 15

Spring semester:  August 15

  • Partner institution will provide assistance to students in getting the official documents (transcript, graduate certificate, degree, etc.) required for UHM 3+2 Program application and student visa to study in the United States. Official transcripts from partner institution and any other institution of higher learning attended by the candidate for graduate admission will need to be sent to UHM OGE for evaluation. Original certified English translation of transcript must accompanies the Chinese transcript
  • During students’ first year in the UHM 3+2 Program, they should be still enrolled in the partner institution for their undergraduate studies. Hence, partner institution will still hold responsibility for providing services to students in their senior year study, including academic advising, students’ graduation and other resources needed for successfully finish students’ undergraduate programs. UHM will provide services to all 3+2 students once they are admitted to the program until they finish their 3+2 program at UHM

Note: The name list is very important for UHM OGE to process the students’ applications due to the unique situation of students’ unfinished undergraduate study.

Below is a timeframe showing the time period that partner institution and UHM hold responsibilities of providing academic and other services to the students in the 3+2 programs:


Beginning Freshman to End Junior Year Whole Senior Year & 1st Year at UHM The Rest of the 3+2 Year(s)
Partner Institution Partner Institution UHM
Students should finish all the coursework required for their bachelor’s degrees 1) Students will finish their culminating project and sent it back to their undergraduate institution for grading by the end of this year The rest of the 3+2 year(s) at UHM
2) students take courses required by their master’s degree programs at UHM

Note: The pink portion indicates the time period of partner institution holding responsibilities for the students; the green portion indicates the time period of UHM holding responsibilities for the students.

UHM tuition and fees may vary for each academic year. Please click here for the information regarding graduate level tuition & fees for non-resident students.