Step 4


Step Four: Study at UHM

3+2 students are admitted by exception (since they have not yet compled the baccalaureate degree in their home institution in China).  Masters programs typically take two years to complete. Students must complete requirements and submit all documentation in order to continue in the second year of the masters program at UHM (see below).

First Year at UHM

During the first academic year at UHM, students will be considered as regular UHM graduate students, simultaneously, the senior year of undergraduate students at their undergraduate institutions. Hence, in order to maintain a valid student status in both institutions, students need to meet the following requirements:

  • Taking required courses for the master’s degree programs at UHM (communicate with departments for the list of required courses)
  • Finishing up the culminating project for the undergraduate degree programs. By the end of the first year at UHM, students will submit the culminating project to their undergraduate institutions for grading
  • Submit the following documents to UHM 3+2 Program:
    • One official transcript in Chinese
    • One official certified English Translation of transcript
    • One official copy of degree certificate in Chinese
    • One official certified English translation of degree certificate

(Official academic documents from all Chinese institutions must bear the red inked or embossed seal of the institution)

  • Failure to produce official records of the bachelor’s degree conferral will automatically restrict any future registration and students will not be able to continue in their master’s program at UHM.

English Language Institute (ELI)

If your TOEFL score is less than 100 (600), or your Academic IELTS score is less than 7.0, you must take the ELI Placement Test upon arrival at UHM. Please register for the placement test before your course registration date (if you do not register for the ELI Placement Test, a ‘registration hold’ will be placed on your account, preventing you from registering for classes). Based on the result of the placement test, you may be required to register for one, two, or three ELI classes (3 credits each). ELI courses count towards the 8-credit limit required by the student’ visa, but ELI courses will not be counted toward students’ degree programs. After taking the placement test, you can view their results online, and will meet personally with an ELI advisor to discuss which course(s) are right for you. You will then register for ELI courses online via the MyUH portal (find course CRNs at UHM Class Availability). Here is More information about ELI Credit.

Whom to Ask for Help

For questions regarding academic advising, including taking courses, choosing advisors and other course-related issues, please schedule appointments with the graduate chair in your department or your advisor.

For questions regarding 3+2 programs and student services, please contact UHM 3+2 Program coordinator:

Ms. Xiaoxin Ivy Mu


Office Phone #: +1 808 956 8950

Office Address: 2540 Maile Way, Spalding 360, Honolulu, HI 96822, USA

If you would like to meet with the 3+2 Program coordinator, please schedule an appointment by email.