Third Biennial Western Regional IDeA Scientific Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 6-8, 2013

Several students and faculty from the Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology participated in the Institutional Development Award (IDeA) Scientific Conference held in Honolulu this week.  The conference, with the theme of “One Biology”, brought together participants from Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming.  The program is sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIH.

iDeA conference

Presenting at the conference were the following department members.  Kelsey Roe, a Tropical Medicine PhD student, received the Best Poster Award in the Infectious Diseases-Parasites and Vectors section.

Dr. Mukesh Kumar: “Integrated analysis of microRNAs induced by West Nile virus infection and their disease related targets in mouse brain” and “Type 2 diabetes in mice impairs immune cell infiltration and neuroinflammation after West Nile virus infection”

Mr. Nelson Lazaga: “Development of a Human Polyomavirus JC Infection Model Using Humanized NSG Mice”

Prof. Sandra Chang: “Development of pattern recognition receptor ligands as malaria vaccine adjuvants”

Prof. Wei-Kung Wang: “Dengue immune status of host affects the binding avidity and neutralizing potency of cross-reactive anti-envelope antibodies”

Dr. Apichai Tuanyok: “Structural analysis and innate immune responses of the atypical O-antigens in Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis”

Ms. Madhuri Namekar: “Comparison of a New Commercially Available Enzyme Immunoassay and In-house MAC-ELISA for Detection of Anti-Dengue Virus IgM Antibodies” and “Luminex-based Microsphere Immunoassay for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Acute and Recent Dengue Virus Infection during Hawaii 2011 Dengue Outbreak”

Dr. James Kelley: “Mechanisms underlying dengue virus-induced vascular leakage and mononuclear cells migration across human endothelial cells transwell permeability model”

Dr. Pakieli Kaufusi: “Characterization of West Nile Virus-induced membrane structures reveals a novel role for NS1 protein in induction of vesicle packets for viral RNA synthesis”

Ms. Kelsey Roe: “West Nile virus infection-induced expression of TREM-1 modulates innate immune responses”,  Recipient of Award for Best Poster Presentation in Infectious Diseases: Parasites & Vectors.

Dr. Se Hun Gu: “Phylogenetically divergent hantaviruses harbored by insectivorous bats in Côte d’Ivoire and Vietnam”

Ms. Alex Gurary: “Molecular and Cellular Immunology Core at the Pacific Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Research”

Dr. John Chen: “A Collaborative Model of Biostatistical Support at UH JABSOM”

Dr. Marc Le Pape: “Advancing collaborative biomedical research and promoting core research facilities through an open source laboratory informatics solution and semantic search application”

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