Graduate Faculty


V. R. Nerurkar, Ph.D. (Chair)—pathogenesis of infectious diseases, delineating cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying microbe-host interaction
J. Barbour, Ph.D.—HIV immunology
S. P. Chang, Ph.D.—immunology, molecular biology, molecular approaches to vaccine development
A. C. Collier, Ph.D.—drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics using in vivo, in vitro and in silico approaches, reproductive pharmacology
W. L. Gosnell, Ph.D.—host parasite interactions, malaria, immunology
Se Hun Gu, Ph.D.—hantavirology
Virginia S. Hinshaw, Ph.D. – influenza virus epidemiology, pathogenicity, immunology and vaccines
G. S. N. Hui, Ph.D.—parasitology, immunology, cell biology
P. H. Kaufusi, Ph.D.—pathogenesis of West Nile virus
J.F. Kelley, Ph.D.—pathogenesis of flaviviruses
K. J. Kramer, Ph.D.—parasitology, epidemiology, leptospirosis, HIV serodiagnosis
Mukesh Kumar, Ph.D.- Virus-Host interactions
F. Mercier, Ph.D.—mechanisms controlling neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation in the adult brain
F. D. Miller, Ph.D.—epidemiology of infectious diseases [Link] [HCV]
L. Ndhlovu, MD, Ph.D.—HIV immunology
D. W. Taylor, Ph.D.—immunology of malaria in pregnant women and newborns
S. Verma, Ph.D.—molecular, biochemical aspects of viral diseases
P.Walpita, Ph.D. – paramyxoviruses, virus- like particles, vaccines.
W-K. Wang, MD, DSc—pathogenesis of arboviral and zoonotic viruses
A. Yanagihara, Ph.D.—biochemistry of cubozoan venom

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

J. M. Berestecky, Ph.D.—enteric bacteria
L. Chang, MD—application of advanced neuroimaging techniques to study brain changes associated with HIV, substance abuse, brain development and aging
G. Erdem, MD—molecular epidemiology of group A streptococcal and staphylococcal infections; complications of strep infections like acute rheumatic fever
Y. Lu, Ph.D.—gene therapy for HIV-1 infection, gene transfer approaches for neuroAIDS, immunodiagnosis of herpesvirus infection of green turtles, aquaculture virology
M. E. Melish, MD—staphylococcal infection and toxins, clinical infectious disease, Kawasaki syndrome
B. Shiramizu, MD—pathology of HIV-associated disorders
E. K. Tam, MD—inflammation, immunologic mechanisms of pulmonary diseases, genetic and environmental determinants of asthma
R. Yanagihara, M.D., M.P.H.—transdisciplinary investigations of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, use of infectious agents as biological markers to trace ancient and recent movements of human populations

Adjunct Faculty

Vernon E. Ansdell, M.D.
Matthew Bankowski, Ph.D.
John Berestecky, Ph.D

S.N. Bennett, Ph.D.—molecular evolution and epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases
H. Stefan Bracha, M.D.
James R. Campbell, Ph.D.
Gregory Caputy, M.D.
Allison. Imrie, Ph.D.—dengue immunology and epidemiology
Jerome Kim, M.D.
Axel Lehrer, Ph.D.
Michael Liberman, Ph.D.
Gordon Wallace, DVM
Catherine F. Yamauchi, Ph.D.
B.R. Ellis, Ph.D.—arbovirus and virus-vector interrelationships
Pom Sailasuta, Ph.D.


Affiliate Graduate Faculty

K. Palmer, Ph.D.—global public health and tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue and lymphatic filariasis