Getting Started

A college degree is within reach through distance learning! You can live and work in West Hawai‘i and earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree without leaving home.

A college degree can help you find a better job, earn a promotion, or change careers. You may also want to earn a degree for self-improvement and self-satisfaction. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with completing a college degree and being able to say, “I did it!”

Now that you know it’s possible, let’s get you started by building a higher education pathway!

“Through the University Center, West Hawai’i located at the Hawai’i Community College – Pālamanui campus, I can earn my bachelor’s degree in business administration via distance learning through the University of Hawai’i at West O’ahu. Commuting to Hilo or relocating to O’ahu to finish my undergraduate studies would be impossible because I work full time and have four school aged children. If it wasn’t for the University Center, I wouldn’t be able to complete my educational goals!”

– Sara Kobayashi