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Quick Facts about JABSOM and the MD Class of 2017












• 66 members of the class were chosen from 1,880 applicants

• Their average age is 23; They range in age from 20-28

• 61% are women

• 86% are Hawai`i residents

• 21 attended public school in Hawai`i

• 33 attended private school in Hawai`i

• 30% went to college in Hawai`i

• 10 hold graduate degrees

• Six completed JABSOM’s `Imi Ho`ōla (“Those who seek to heal”) Post-Baccalaureate Program for students from disadvantaged or under-served backgrounds

• About half of the doctors treating patients in Hawai`i trained at JABSOM

• The medical school educates 264 medical students annually and oversees the training of an additional 230 physicians in post-MD education, in cooperation with Hawai`i’s major medical centers
and the Hawai`i Residency Programs, Inc.

• Nearly 80% of the “Best Doctors” identified in Hawai`i in 2013 trained at JABSOM*

• JABSOM students routinely score above the national average in the US Medical Licensing Exam

• Tuition for in-state medical students in 2013-2014 is $31,608**

• Tuition for out-of-state medical students in 2013-2014 is $65,232

• The median annual income of our students’ families is $85,000***


Our Hawai`i high school graduates in the MD Class of 2017 include alumni from Kahuku

High (2), Kaua`i High (1), Waiākea High (1), Kamehameha Schools (Kapalama-3 and

Hawai`i-1), Hilo High (1), McKinley High (1), Mililani High (1), Kaiser High (4), Kalani

High (4), Kaimuki High (1), Roosevelt High (1), Aiea High (1), University Laboratory

(Public Charter) School (2), Mid-Pacific Institute (3), Saint Andrewʻs Priory (1), Sacred

Hearts Academy (3), Moanalua High (1), Punahou School (10), Parker School (1) and

Iolani School (11).


*Best Doctors in America

**Tuition, established by the University of Hawai`i Board of Regents, is scheduled to increase annually through 2015-2016

****Association of American Medical Colleges, 2012