Angel Yanagihara’s box jellyfish venom research leads to sting treatment

Story by KNON-2, Reported by Ron Mizutani

University of Hawaii Assistant Research Professor Angel Yanagihara has made enormous strides in venom research.

After years of studying the Hawaiian Box Jellyfish, her lab and ocean work will soon provide relief for victims on the beach.

The components in this vial will soon hit Waikiki Beach and combat the nasty sting of a box jellyfish.

“We’re certainly taking our lab findings and trying to bring them back to the beach where it matters,” said Yanagihara.

Yanagihara has deconstructed its venom with hopes of finding a way to block, modulate and even impair its affects. The result is this lab-based formula, a topical sting treatment that stops pain, swelling and redness.

“This is what I take with me. When I’m diving at night from midnight to six you know in my wetsuit I have this and if I get stung I put it on right away,” she said.

The product will hit store shelves and lifeguard stands in six months.

“There really aren’t labs like that elsewhere in the world.”

Yanagihara’s cutting edge research and landmark discoveries were recently featured on a Nova documentary on PBS Hawaii entitled, “Venom.”

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