Medical Students Present Powerful Anti-Smoking Message

The children couldn’t avert their eyes. The image of two sets of pig’s lungs–one pink and healthy, the other black from tobacco–was just too compelling.

4th-year med students Shaina Sonobe (center) David Yamane (right) with anti-smoking visitor.

And that’s the point. Students from the John A. Burns School of Medicine set up a booth at the Honolulu Festival March 13.

“We had a lot of people check our booth out,” said fourth-year medical student Brandon Au. “Hopefully we made a positive impact on all of our visitors.”

Viewing the anti-tobacco lung exhibit that med students have on display is 4th year med student Shaina Sonobe.

The impact is sought at demonstrations the medical students put on all over O’ahu year-round. They educate people, especially children about the health hazards of tobacco. And taking one long look at the lungs contaminated by tobacco smoke appears to have a powerful impact on the keiki.

Greeting the anti-smoking exhibit visitor with smiles are Casey Kaneshiro and Christie Izutsu, 4th year med students.

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