Biomedical Sciences Symposium Draws Crowds

The 2011 Biomedical Sciences Symposium drew scores of people to the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) in Kaka’ako. Two days of poster sessions April 19 and 20 featured the research of JABSOM Faculty, Residents, Medical Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Researchers.

Among the nearly 100 posters was one by third year medical student Lina Miyakawa, who investigated the affects of compression stockings as a first-line treatment for patients with varicose veins.  Sponsored by Fedor Lurie, Lina studied 70 patients with primary vein disease, and her findings–if confirmed–indicate people who are overweight may want to skip the one-month therapy with compression hose and go straight to surgery.

“Overweight patients with vein disease were almost three times less likely to improve using the compression hose,” said Miyakawa. “However, they had equally good results from vein surgery as the patients who weighed less.”

This year’s Biomedical Sciences Symposium also featured lectures by Dr. Roger Davis and Dr. Joel Richter of the University of Massachusetts Medical School Program in Molecular Medicine. The endowed lectures were possible because of a legacy gift by Mrs. Jean Chow Wong, a pharmacist who worked at the National Institutes of Health until 1984. She wanted to honor her friend, Dr. Robert T. Wong, by inviting those who have made major contributions in medicine to speak at JABSOM.

Also speaking at JABSOM on Tuesday was Dr. John Chen, a biostatistician from New York’s Stony Brook Medical Center. He presented his preliminary thoughts on a biostatistics core at JABSOM. His on-line biosketch is at:

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