Dr. Antonelli Enjoying Post at Veterans Affairs

Former Office of Student Affairs Director Dr. MaryAnn Antonelli is now the Associate Chief of Staff for Education and the Designated Learning Officer for the Veterans Administration Pacific Islands Health Care System, where she oversees more than 450 trainees.

“I am enjoying learning about the VA, and being part of an organization that serves those who served our country’s freedom,” Dr. Antonelli said last month.  “As a ‘veteran’ myself (anyone with military service is considered a veteran), I am thrilled to have so many opportunities to serve those deserving vets, and enhance the learning of all who will care for them.”

Dr. Antonelli served JABSOM’s students for five years. Second-year medical student Luke Lam said she “definitely went above and beyond her duty in fulfilling the needs of the students.”

“Though she was always extremely busy, she always found time for the students. I never had a problem walking into her office without a scheduled appointment. Given her busy schedule as one of the top leaders in the school and a practicing physician, that is pretty incredible,” Lam said.

Dr. Richard Smerz took over as Director of Student Affairs last November. Dr. Smerz spent about 25 years in the U.S. Army with clinical medical, research, education, and administrative and command responsibilities.  And he loves his new position.

“I really like working with medical students. It’s a fun thing. If I can keep them out of trouble and help them do good things in the future and be successful, I’ll feel like I’ve done something,” said Dr. Smerz.

The photo above shows medical student Luke Lam with Dr. Antonelli last fall, at her JABSOM going-away party.

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