A Message to the MD Class of 2011

Aloha, members of the Class of 2011.

As Dean of JABSOM, I am honored to represent all of our faculty, staff and the students in our other classes when I tell you how proud we are of your accomplishments at JABSOM.

You have made lifelong friends, and we hope you will continue a lifelong relationship with our school, too.

The Class of 2011 will be remembered particularly for its social consciousness.

From your first year here at Kaka’ako, you showed a special affinity for public service.

Many of you were the founding student volunteers, led by Dr. Jill Omori, who championed the Homeless Outreach and Medical Education (HOME) Project.  As you know, it has grown to be one of the community service projects of which we are most proud, because it anticipated a need that has, sadly, only grown in these past years.

In your third and fourth years, you have worked tirelessly as patient advocates inside the hospitals that serve as our partners in your educational journey.

And clearly, you are the best of what we hold most cherished here at JABSOM—a class committed to giving back to the state of Hawai’i for the privilege of coming to this school.

Your dedication helps fulfill both what our taxpayer supporters expect—and what Governor John Burns dreamt.

We are excited that many of you will be staying here in Hawai’i for your residency training.  And we have the sincere hope that all of you will be returning to these Islands of Aloha to serve our communities as MD’s.

Mahalo, Class of 2011 for the energy and dedication, and spirit you have brought to JABSOM.  We know you are well prepared for your next steps in Residency Training.  And we are proud of you!


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