Slideshow and List: Convocation 2011 Awards

Several of our 2011 graduates (and outstanding faculty) were selected for prizes for their achievements during the Convocation Ceremony. Here is a list of the 2011 Awards:

Excellence in Internal Medicine: Dr. Christie Izutsu.

The Bernard Yim, MD Award: Dr. Casey Kaneshiro.

The EE Black Community Service Award: Dr. Kaumakaokalani Calhoun.

The Maurice Brodsky Memorial Award: Dr. Brandon Au.

The Walter F. Char, MD Prize in Psychiatry: Dr.Taryn Park.

The Dr. Albert C.K. Chun-Hoon Award for Community Service: Dr. Kaumakaokalani Calhoun.

The Windsor and Mary Cutting Excellence in the Medical Sciences Award: Dr. Erin Fuller.

The Hawai’i Medical Association Alliance Endowment Award for Community Service: Dr. Koah Vierkoetter.

The Dr. Laura Weldon Hoque Award: Dr. Malia Eischen.

The Glenn M. Kokame, MD Memorial Award for Surgery: Dr. Sarah Kimball.

The Dr. Frank and Mary McDowell Award: Dr. Noah Yuen.

The John M. Ohtani, MD Award: Dr. Erin Fuller.

The Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Award: Dr. David Yamane.

The Hawai’i Academy of Family Physicians Outstanding Student Award: Dr. Christy Uyeda.

The Hawai’i Lions Foundation Ophthalmology Award: Dr. James Pitts.

The Po’okela No’eau  Award: Dr. Brandon Au.

The Po’okela Noi’I Award: Dr. Lani Clinton.

The Reddy Award in Pediatrics: Dr. Lani Clinton and Dr. Alyson Tamamoto.

The Excellence in Geriatric Medicine Award: Dr. Matthew Uechi.

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award presented by The Arnold P. Gold Foundation: Student: Dr. Sara Grimes. Faculty: Dr. Alson Inaba.

The Terry C.W. Wong, MD Memorial Award: Dr. Ashlee Segawa.

The Yazawa Family Endowed Award: Dr. Yunchuan Mo.

Kaiser-Permanente Excellence in Teaching Awards: The Pre-Clinical Excellence In Teaching : DR. Scott Lozanoff, Chair, Anatomy.  For Excellence In Teaching Clinical Subjects in the 3rd and 4th years: Dr. Patrick Pedro, Surgery.

The John M. Hardman, MD Award: Dr. Jill Omori.

The ALOHA Award: Dr. Christie Izutsu.

The John A. Burns School of Medicine would like to acknowledge the generosity of five Kama’aina families, who make significant monetary contributions for scholarships to medical students throughout their four years of study.  These scholarships make possible their fulfillment of becoming physicians and becoming a part of the Hawai’i health care system, providing care to the people of our multiethnic society.

Together, these families – EE Black, Nadine Alexander Kahanamoku, Wanda Jane Pavela, Virginia and Barry Weinman, and the John Burns Foundation, have contributed over $459,000  to 71 students, 18 of whom were in the Class of 2011.

Also pictured: Our new MDs are led by Dr. William Haning, as they recite the Hippocratic Oath.


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