VIDEO-Dr. Shiramizu important part of Hawai’i Center for AIDS Team

Dr. Bruce Shiramizu brings energy and experience with him every day, as he goes to work alongside team-members at the the John A. Burns School of Medicine’s Hawai’i Center for AIDS. Dr. Shiramizu has been researching the virus for more than 20 years.

This week, interviewed by Hawai’i News Now, Dr. Shiramizu talked about how people infected by HIV are living longer, due to drug therapy.  However, he added, “Because they’re living longer, it’s opening up new questions in terms of what the complications are, what are the issues that need to be dealt with now?”

Dr. Shiramizu says having an infection, along with the virus, creates chronic inflammation in the body. The immune system responds to that in different ways in various organs.

In the past 30 years in Hawai’i, HNN reported, there have been 1,891 confirmed AIDS deaths. The Life Foundation – which works with HIV AIDS survivors – estimates there are approximately 3,000 people in Hawai’i who live with the disease–and, according to HNN–about 25 percent are unaware they’re carrying the virus.

CLICK HERE to see Hawai’i News Now’s report and interview with Dr. Shiramizu.

Our still image of Dr. Shiramizu in his lab is courtesy of Hawai’i News Now




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