MD students seeking donations for homeless keiki Halloween Carnivals

For the sixth year in a row, MD students at the University of Hawai’i’s John A. Burns School of Medicine are holding Halloween Carnivals so that keiki at the state’s homeless shelters can have the kind of holiday fun all children should have.

The carnivals provide costumes, games and food for the homeless families who reside at the Kaka’ako and Wai’anae shelters. More than a chance for fun, the events ensure the homeless kids aren’t left out the joyous anticipation of Halloween shared at school by all keiki this time of year.  On the day after Halloween, these homeless children get to join in the conversation when all their “regular” classmates (the ones with homes) describe their holiday fun.

The medical students are asking for public donations of food and other items for the upcoming carnivals. In this photo, they are shown unpacking some of the items the carnivals will feature: including costumes just donated by a party supply company.

Medical students Ken Ortiz, Jodi Kagihara, Kendra Dilcher, Ashley Saito, Scott Serrano, Thomas Aldan.

Our MD students, through the H.O.M.E. Project (Homeless Outreach and Medical Education) also run medical clinics twice a week at the state’s shelters, where the large number of residents are “the working homeless”.

A list of what’s needed is below, along with how YOU can help and additional photos.


Phone: (808) 223-8859
Fax: (808) 692-1252


Items Needed for Donation Quantity

Hot Dogs/Chili Dogs


Hot Dog Buns


Chili Enough to serve 225
Salad Enough to serve 225
Relish Enough to serve 225
Ketchup Enough to serve 225
Mustard Enough to serve 225
Cheese Enough to serve 225
Onions Enough to serve 225
Ranch Dressing Enough to serve 225
Veggie Sticks – Baby carrots Enough to serve 225
Crystal Light Mix Enough to serve 425


Vanilla Ice Cream 17 tubs
2-Liter Root Beer


2- Liter Diet Coke




Dry Ice
Face Paint
Spider web Decorations
Frames for Frame decorations
Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover
Goody Bag Items
Fruit Cups


Juice boxes


Tooth Brushes
Bottled Water



Jodi & Kendra unpacking costumes for homeless Keiki.

Ken & Thomas prepping stuffed animals for homeless Keiki

Jodi on camera with Hawaii News Now.

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