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Honolulu Star-Advertiser: Progress in AIDS vaccine research from team with JABSOM, island ties

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports on the breakthrough efforts of scientists, including John A. Burns School of Medicine Clinical Professor Jerome Kim, who are seeking an AIDS vaccine. Dr. Kim, a Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps and deputy director for science at the U.S. Military HIV Research Program, is leading an international research program […]

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JABSOM’s DR. ERON finds maggots can heal diabetes wounds

Media around the country–and in Hawai’i–are fascinated with research done by John A. Burns School of Medicine clinical faculty member and Kaiser Permanente Hawai’i physician Dr. Lawrence Eron. Eron, a specialist in infectious disease, presented findings last month which demonstrated that medical-grade versions of the fly larvae helped close the stubborn wounds of diabetics.  The […]

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JABSOM’s ANGEL YANAGIHARA looks to solve jellyfish mystery

Researcher Angel Yanagihara continues to learn fascinating details about jellyfish in Hawaiian waters, stopping only long enough to be interviewed by media from around the world, including the Discovery Channel and Nova, who seek her out frequently to document her latest findings. Dr. Yanagihara’s patented discovery of a family of fluorescent proteins in blue bottle […]

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