In the News: JABSOM’s DR. HANING featured in report on methamphetamine abuse

John A. Burns School of Medicine Professor of Psychiatry Dr. William Haning is the expert news media in Hawaiʻi turn to when they report on addictions, especially those involving crystal methamphetamine.

Dr. Haning has run clinical trials of medications trying to discover ways to stem the intense craving many users describe as characteristic of the drug.  Also called “ice”, the crystallized form of methamphetamine (which is smoked by addicts in Hawaiʻi) took hold in the 50th state during the early 1980ʻs, well before its abuse spread across the U.S., with punishing consequences.

This week, Dr. Haning was interviewed by Hawaii News Now in a special report about people who use “ice” while trying to hold down a job.

Click here to watch the report, Meth in the work place by Jim Mendoza from HawaiiNewsNow

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