DEAN HEDGES focuses APEC spotlight on health and life sciences

“Ready..set…roll tape.” Director Dennis Burns gets the camera rolling while Dr. Jerris Hedges begins to speak. Huge lights on pedestals are shining on the Dean, and a large boom microphone is hanging overhead, here inside a television production studio in Honolulu. Dr. Hedges, the Dean of the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), has been invited to be interviewed for a video in which he describes the important role the University of Hawai’i plays in positioning health and life sciences as an industry in Hawai’i.

The video, produced by Burns’ company, 1013 Integrated, was made available to delegates in Honolulu for Leader’s Week of the 2011 Asia Pacific Cooperation (APEC) meetings.  The video production illustrated the UH’s commitment to making APEC a success. But that’s only part of the story.

Dean Hedges was tapped by University of Hawai’i President M.R.C. Greenwood to lead the efforts to publicize health and life sciences as one of four “pillars” of the international conference.  (Dr. Greenwood served on the APEC Host Committee, a group of community leaders who helped to plan the largest series of meetings ever held in Hawai’i. APEC encompasses 21 “member economies”.)

In several white papers he produced, the dean described the vital resources Hawai’i offers for high-tech industry and health care ventures, in both knowledge and in actual product development. The focus is broader than just the medical school, encompassing the health and life science colleges or centers that, like JABSOM, are part of the 10-campus UH System.

Months before APEC, the medical school also collaborated with leading biotech industries in Hawai’i to present lectures and tours of the medical school facilities to international journalists who traveled to the islands to prepare for their jobs reporting on the summit. When the delegates arrived and the journalists returned the documentary featuring Hawai’i’s health and life sciences shone 24 hours a day on the television screens inside guest rooms at 30 different hotels.

If you’d like to see the finished product, it’s also available for on-line viewing through Vimeo at Link One and Link Two.

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