2012 CALENDAR has Class

The newest medical students at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, the Class of 2015, have come up with a new idea for their fundraising project, and it’s one many people will find handy beginning in January.

The product is a 2012 JABSOM Calendar.  Each month features photographs of people who help make the University of Hawai’i’s medical school special, from the Dean and his Leadership Team to the Security Team. There’s even a group shot from the MD students’ epic Halloween Costume Contest–for the month of October, naturally!

The calendars went on sale on November 18 at a table in the Kūlia Grill staffed by Class President Thomas Gill, class member Aileen Tamura and Brennan Takagi, a Master’s student in Developmental Reproductive Biology, pictured.  Gill was quick to point out that the class vice presidents, MD students Huy Doh and Yvonne Lum helped launch the calendar idea. And what an idea it is! The money raised will go toward paying for the annual graduation luau, whose honorees next May will be the Class of 2012.

If you are interested in buying a calendar, they are $15, and you can send an email to one of the following addresses: ylum@hawaii.edu, doh@hawaii.edu or tgill@hawaii.edu.

Story and photo by Tina Shelton.