AAMC President Recognizes JABSOM Diversity in annual national address

The President of the American Association of Medical College (AAMC), Dr. Darrell Kirch, singled out the University of Hawaii Manoa John A. Burns School of Medicine for its incredible diversity during his speech at the 122nd Annual Meeting of the AAMC in Denver, Colorado.

Here’s what he said about us, during a speech entitled “The New Excellence”:

“The issues of access and under-representation in academic medicine remain vitally important, and we stand on the shoulders of people who devoted their lives to achieving them. Increasingly, however, we understand that diversity extends beyond quantitative representation. It is a core driver of excellence. We now see that the incredible richness of diversity in our community and our nation offers medical schools and teaching hospitals a unique opportunity to achieve levels of excellence in each and every mission in a manner no single group can attain. Our nation offers medical schools and teaching hospitals a unique opportunity to achieve levels of excellence in each and every mission in a manner no single group can attain. This broader view of diversity as a key to improving health for all continues to be led by institutions with rich traditions of diversity, our historically black medical schools, Howard, Meharry, and Morehouse, and schools such as the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine.”

Click to read the AAMC President’s Full Address

Click to watch a webcast of the AAMC President’s Address

Pictured: Dr. Kirch delivering JABSOM’s Convocation keynote address in May 2011. Photo by Arnold Kameda.


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