Class of 2012–SLIDESHOW and Residency Match List

Our University of Hawai’i medical school’s Class of 2012 helped break a three decades old record today.  More than 95 percent of U.S. medical school seniors—the highest rate in 30 years— matched to residency positions according to new data released on March 16, 2012 by the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®).  These individuals make up the nearly 16,000 U.S. medical students who learned in Match Day celebrations across the country where they will spend the next three to seven years in residency training.

The number of applicants in this year’s Main Residency Match(SM) rose by 642 for a total of 38,377 participants, an increase of more than 2,400 over the last five years.  These individuals applied for 26,772 positions, an increase of 614 over 2011.  This total includes 146 positions in child neurology, which joined the Match this year.  Internal medicine, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine saw the largest increases in 2012, and emergency medicine filled every available position.  The number of family medicine positions increased only slightly (1.1 percent) following notable increases over the last two years.

But…what you want to know is where are our graduates going? Twenty remain here for further post-MD training; 64% of our graduates are going into the state’s MOST NEEDED specialty–Primary Care! (That includes Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and OB-GYN). The 44 students who “matched” into medical centers on the mainland are going to 20 states and Washington, DC. Of those, the largest group (22) heads to California (thank goodness, close to home! We want them ALL to come back to practice, of course!).

See the John A. Burns School of Medicine’s Match Day List HERE: Class of 2012 Match Results.

Also, please enjoy our photo slide show of Match Day 2012, by Arnold Kameda.

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