A JABSOM FIRST: Brother & Sister become MDs together in Class of 2012

Aaron and Naomi Karlen are the first brother and sister to graduate in the same year at the University of Hawai’i’s John A.Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). Vice Dean Satoru Izutsu, with decades of service under his belt at the medical school, noted that fact during JABSOM’s Match Day ceremony on March 16, 2012.  The pair are pictured with family after the MD Convocation Ceremony on May 13, 2012.

Aaron and Naomi told KHON2 News on Match Day (March 16) that they were grateful their parents were willing to sacrifice to get the both through medical school simultaneously.

“They’re probably relieved that we’re off the books now,” Aaron Karlen told the news station then, with a smile.

“I think think they’re very happy. They’re both very proud of us we’ve done really well so and we’re very thankful to have their on going support, we love them very much”, said Naomi Karlen.

On Match Day, Aaron and Naomi and 62 others of our Class of 2012 learned (as part of a nationwide matching system) where they have been assigned to work as physicians while they train at academic medical centers under the further supervision of specialists to become experts in the medical discipline they’ve chosen.  On May 12, they graduated as MDs at University of Hawai`i Commencement Exercises.

While JABSOM itself trains some 240 post-MD “Residents” as part of the National Residency Program, our first siblings to graduate from medical school together will be spending their immediate future as brand-new physicians in training apart.  Naomi is headed down south to Louisiana’s Tulane University’s School of Medicine to train in Internal Medicine, while Aaron is pursuing Orthopaedic Surgery Residency training at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Photo of Aaron and Naomi by Arnold Kameda.

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