i-Pads AND APPS help University of Hawai`i medical school curriculum go fully digital

Members of the entering class at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) are undertaking the study of medicine this year with i-Pads firmly in hand. This is the first class at the University of Hawai`i’s medical school to be able to access the school’s full curriculum via the Apple i-Pad.

That’s exciting for  members of the class, including Chadwick Council, a first-year medical student who recently worked as a network engineer for a Hawai`i financial institution.

“I am kind of a ‘tech nerd’ and anything and everything technical I like. And it’s like Dr. Smerz said, there’s so much information out there. Say like if I’m reading a doctor’s forum or whatever, we can collect all our information on our i-Pads,” said Council. “Then if I go to a coffee shop or something I don’t have to lug all (that) with me. I was super-excited about that.”

1st year med student, Janna Taylor, taking notes on her iPad during a lecture.

Ever wondered which “apps” the MD students will download onto their i-Pads? We caught a few of them listed on a classroom whiteboard (so old school!), and they include: mental case, instant EKG, Anatomy Quiz, Flipboard, Notability, and Slideshark.

Suggested aps for the MD i-Pad users.

The entering class, made up of 40 women and 26 men, will study this year alongside the 200 other students (second-, third- and fourth-year students) pursuing their MD degrees at JABSOM. There is a strong neighbor island presence in the class, with eleven students from Hawai`i Island, Maui and Kaua`i, regions where a physician shortage make it challenging to receive timely primary health care.

In addition to training medical students, JABSOM also oversees the post-MD medical training of another 250 physicians being supervised during their intern and residency years at Hawai`i’s major medical centers. Many of them are also using i-Pads at their patients’ bedsides these days.

JABSOM is the overwhelming source of doctors treating patients in the state. About half of the practicing physicians in Hawai`i are graduates of JABSOM, its residency program and/or are on the faculty.

Photographs are of first-year JABSOM medical students, Class of 2016, in their first class lecture. (A. Kameda photos).

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