SimTiki CENTER gives our MD students and community a leg up on handling real-life emergencies

The John A. Burns School of Medicine’s SimTiki Center provides top-of-the-line simulation equipment to medical students and community health professionals seeking to improve their reaction time in real emergencies.

The center’s simulated patients are essentially robots programmed to demonstrate a virtually endless number of emergency scenarios. These are situations which doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs and others might encounter at a patient’s bedside, or on a street corner.

Steve Tracy of Laerdal Medical visits Hawaii to upgrade JABSOM’s 3G Sim Man

This week the 3G Sim Tiki man was upgraded to allow him to operate in an even more realistic fashion. That’s where Laerdal Medical company electrical engineer Steve Tracy and JABSOM Chief Simulation Specialist Kris Hara, RN, were photographed moving parts of Mr. Sim Man around the lab.

Stay tuned because we’ll have a video story about that delicate “Sim Man Re-boot Operation.” In the meantime, see how a team from Kaiser Permanente trained using Sim Baby. The unnarrated, four and a half minute video gives you a sense of what it can be like in an emergency department.

Story, video and photographs by Tina Shelton.

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