SPORTS-RELATED CONCUSSIONS, STROKE among the timely topics at Fourth Annual Scientific Conference of the Hawai`i Neurological Society here October 13


Hawai`i neurologists are working to improve the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related head injuries and concussions. On October 13, at the Fourth Annual Scientific Conference of the Hawai`i Neurological Society, Dr. Christopher Giza of UCLA’s Department of Pediatrics will provide the latest information about current practice guidelines for evaluating and treating sports-related concussions. Prevention of injury is also a focus. 

The timing couldn’t be better, since head injury prevention has become an urgent item on the U.S. public health agenda. Earlier this year, Hawai`i became at least the 39th state to enact a law aimed at protecting student athletes from concussion.

The new law requires every public and private high school that is a member of the Hawai`i High School Athletic Association to provide annual concussion-awareness training to coaches, administrators, and athletic officials.

The Hawai`i Neurological Society (HNS) conference, “Trends in Neurological Medicine”, is being held at the University of Hawai`i John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). The conference is offering a special discount for JABSOM students and faculty.

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Another growing area of public interest being addressed at the conference is stroke. “As our population is getting older, there is an increased risk of stroke from various causes as well as new development in ways to treat and prevent strokes,” said Dr. Alan Stein, an HNS conference organizer. JABSOM Associate Professor Dr. Douglas Valenta of The Queen’s Medical Center will review some of the newer medications available to prevent stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation (a very common heart arrhythmia which markedly increases the risk of stroke). Dr. Sung Bae Lee, associate clinical professor of neurology at JABSOM and Director of Neurointernventional Surgery at Queen’s, will review new strategies for treatment of acute strokes when they occur and possible strategies for preventing strokes through the use of vascular stents or other endovascular treatment methods.

JABSOM faculty neurologist Linda Chang urges MD students and faculty to attend the conference. “This is a great opportunity for our medical students and local physicians to get updated on the latest diagnosis and treatment approaches for various neurological disorders.”

“Since our medical school does not have a separate neurology department,” she added, “this is really a golden opportunity for our students, residents and faculty”.

There are about 40 neurologists practicing in Hawai`i, and some 30 of them are members of the Hawai`i Neurological Society. Its president is Dr. Melvin Wong (a 1994 graduate of JABSOM). The HNS conference is aimed at medical professionals and is eligible for continuing medical education credits.

Story by Tina Shelton, main photo by Arnold Kameda.

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