Slideshows: Too Ghoul for School (Halloween 2012)

It was Too Ghoul for School all over again! The best, most creative medical students on the planet (and our faculty and staff, and the Dean as Harry Potter–all grown up) made Halloween 2012 colorful, musical (JABSOM Gangnam Style!), fun and even educational. (There WAS that “EKG” cut into the hair on Aniket’s head!)

One way for others in your group to remember the EKG pattern!

Our participants always have some of the most cutting-edge costume ideas around, because their motivation is that it’s all really for the kids! Most of our students and some faculty will wear their costumes at the Keiki Halloween Carnival hosted at homeless shelters on O’ahu by the Homeless Outreach and Medical Education (H.O.M.E.) Project, where JABSOM MD students run health care clinics.

Our Flickr slideshow (for those of you with Flashplayer) features photos taken by Dr. Amy Brown (the best ones!) and Tina Shelton.

By the way, Aniket’s EKG earned him the “Best Costume” prize, donated by Dean Jerris Hedges. Appropriately enough, it was a JABSOM baseball cap from the UH Bookstore at the John A. Burns School of Medicine!

Dr. Damon Wonka-Sakai

Meanwhile, the Office of Medical Education transformed JABSOM into the Willy Wonka School of Medicine, led by Dr. Damon Sakai, and the team continued its winning streak, winning the Best Group title.


Click here for more pictures…Full-Screen Halloween Slide Show #2