NEW COLUMN: JABSOM’s Enquirer goes one-one-one with our MD students. Today, Cowboy (and Cowboys fan) Zain Allison

JABSOM Enquirer: We’re here with Randall “Zain” Allison. Zain is a second-year medical student, and the MS2 class president.
Thanks so much for sharing some time with us today, Zain. We really appreciate it.

Zain: Thanks for asking. Happy to do this. Highlighting our students in a column like this sounds like a great idea.

JABSOM Enquirer: Thanks, we think so too. Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Zain: I was born and raised in Texas, and came to Honolulu to attend college at UH-Manoa. I got my BS in Microbiology, and participated in the Honors Program at Manoa. As part of the Honors Program, I was able to go to Madagascar where I had a chance to participate in research regarding their poor health care situation. I worked in various clinics and traveled across the country. The experience really broadened my horizons. I also had a chance to complete some research with JABSOM as undergraduate, in the areas of Neuroscience and Cardiovascular research. After graduating, I completed an additional year of working in research before joining JABSOM.

JABSOM Enquirer: Wow, you’ve had some exciting experiences…Tell us about growing up in Texas…

Zain: Well, it is pretty flat – you can see probably 40 miles in every direction. It almost never rains, its windy all the time, and we have coyotes and the occasional tornado. We had lots of animals on our property – cattle, horses, geese, chickens, and goats.

JABSOM Enquirer: How about your family?

Zain: I’m the oldest of six children. My formal name is Randall Zain. My father is Randall Wain. I have four brothers, all with what many might consider unusual names: Seth Monroe, Tanyon Sann, Mesa Teal, and Treeton Ridge. Ayse LaNeva is our baby sister. My Mom, Dad, three brothers and my sister live in Texas. My other brother lives in Hollywood. He is an actor, who recently had a speaking part on “The Office,” and does improv and stand-up comedy. My father is mechanical engineer. My mother is trained as a teacher, and worked in TV and radio until a little after I was born. I’m not sure how she has raised six children, and I don’t plan on trying it out myself.

JABSOM Enquirer: Texas is known for its passion for football. Are you a football fan?

Zain: I spent two years in Lubbock, Texas for my freshman and sophomore years of college, so I follow the Texas Tech Red Raiders. My first year in Hawai`i, the UH football team had a great season and went to the Sugar Bowl. So, I guess I’m a fan of Hawai`i, Texas Tech, and any other Texas school when they do well.

JABSOM Enquirer: Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans?

Zain: I’ve always been a big Dallas Cowboys fan. I wasn’t aware Houston had a professional team.

JABSOM Enquirer: What do you like about living in Hawai`i?

Zain: I’ve always been more of an ocean/mountain person. There’s no place like Hawai`i. I love hiking Maunawili Falls, surfing, or running at Ala Moana Park. I can train for marathons outdoors year ‘round here. And, the people in Hawai`i are amazing – they are genuinely nice.

JABSOM Enquirer: Sounds like you’ve got some healthy outdoor hobbies. Any other hobbies you want to share with the readers?

Zain: Well, it isn’t quite a hobby, but I was certified as EMT in Texas. When I moved to Hawai’i I got my license here and started working as an instructor. I’ve helped with courses at Honolulu Community College and out at Kane’ohe Bay.

JABSOM Enquirer: Do you have any wild, crazy, audacious dreams in life?

Zain: Actually, yeah, I do. My big goal has always been to be an astronaut. My friend works for Mission Control in Houston. I visited him this past summer, and had a chance to tour NASA. So, my dream is still alive. How about you?

JABSOM Enquirer: What if I told you that my big dream is to interview a future astronaut…

Zain: I’d say this must be your lucky day…

JABSOM Enquirer: Changing the subject on you, we understand you drive a very flashy car…

Zain: I drive a big bright yellow 2004 Xterra. One thing is, you never forget where you park…I always drove a truck, and it is very convenient to carry my surfboard.

JABSOM Enquirer: As class president, did you want to share any thoughts about your class with our readers?

Zain: I love my classmates. I think we have great cohesiveness and unity. We’ve become really good friends. I know there are 66 people in this class that will be my friends for life.

JABSOM Enquirer: Sounds like a special relationship…Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us today. We really appreciate it.

Zain: No problem. It’s been my pleasure. I want to encourage my classmates to say “yes” when you come calling on them too. We’ve got some amazing people who can share some great stories.

The JABSOM Enquirer would like to thank Zain Allison for agreeing to be interviewed for our column, and wish him great success in his studies. Hope the Cowboys have a great year too. Until next time, this is the JABSOM Enquirer signing out. Take care, and aloha…

(Editor’s note: JABSOM’s Enquirer plans to remain anonymous for now. Mahalo to you, mystery columnist!)

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