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VIDEO REPORT: Jellyfish venom treatment discovery has other potential life-saving applications

Watch this video report, to go into the pre-dawn waters of Waikīkī, where John A. Burns School of Medicine Researcher Angel Yanagihara harvests and studies box jellyfish. The stinging jellyfish are a nuisance in the Hawaiian islands, but more dangerous elsewhere. Hear about her new discovery, a way to block the lethal jellyfish venom that […]

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$1 MILLION DOLLAR GIFT, accreditation bolster only Hawai`i program training cardiologists

There is good news on several fronts for Hawai`i residents in the fight against heart disease, the state’s leading cause of death. The developments include a generous monetary gift, an impressive accreditation and – soon – brand new, locally trained cardiologists to treat patients in Hawai`i . Local philanthropist and businesswoman Judith Dion Pyle has […]

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VIDEO REPORT: A heartfelt gift ensures more locally-trained cardiologists, including a first for Native Hawaiians

The Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at the John A. Burns School of Medicine has been accredited through 2017. Next year, it will graduate Hawai`i’s first-ever female cardiologist of Native Hawaiian descent. The program is also celebrating a $1 million contribution to support the training of more fellows. Watch our report from UHMEDNow, narrated by 1st year […]

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