VIDEO: ALL OF OUR MS-1’s go on a diet…watch this Hawaii News Now report to learn why

Dr. Sheri Fong, John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) MD graduate (and also a PhD) is being interviewed by Hawai`i News Now reporter Teri Okita, while five of our first-year medical students (Class of 2016) look on. What’s the story? Click on their website to watch the report.

By the way, the students began their latest “educational” diet days after the report was videotaped. So in the story you see them enjoying the last ‘ono grinds they’ll be eating for at least a week.

Instead, while they are dieting, they’ll get a taste of what life will be like for their patients in the future, when they need to recommend medically necessary nutritional restrictions. Many patients end up on the cardiovascular diet, the renal diet, gastrointestinal or diabetes diet, for example.

The voluntary diets for our students last seven days and come at the end of each unit during which the medical students have been taught intensively about the organ system involved: heart & lungs for the cardiovascular or “Heart Healthy” diet, kidneys for the renal diet, and so on. “Just before each diet, the students also hear from a registered dietician about what foods are ‘allowed’ during their diets,” says Dr. Fong, who devised the course for our MD class.

“Many medical schools are criticized around the country for not focusing enough on nutrition,” said JABSOM Dean Jerris Hedges. “This is how we demonstrate that we agree with the critics. Treatment for disease — and disease prevention — can indeed involve nutrition, and it should be an option medical students consider.”

Dr. Fong said she was inspired to launch the empathy diets at JABSOM after attending a medical meeting last year where the concept was discussed.

Mahalo to the news crew, our MD students, Dr. Fong and Carol Uyemura and the staff at Kūlia Grill for helping make the story happen. The students enjoyed eating “real food” before they start their next round of dieting. Pictured are MD class members Aniket Natekar, Yun “Jenny” Jiang, Momal Mazhar, Ari AuWinitzky and January May Andaya.


Teri Okita interviews Dr. Sheri Fong in the Loui Lab at JABSOM Kaka`ako.

Teri Okita interviews Dr. Sheri Fong in the Loui Lab at JABSOM Kaka`ako.


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