PRACTICE IN PARADISE! New web link seeks to attract more physicians to Hawai`i

The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) has worked closely with the University of Hawai`i Foundation to establish a job posting web site that will connect alumni and others with opportunities to practice in Hawai`i. The site will post jobs for physicians, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants. The pages are now “live” with job postings, and soon will permit health systems to directly post their positions.

Look for the job site on our UH JABSOM ALUMNI PAGE.

The website jobs project is also part of JABSOM’s commitment to expand the delivery of primary care statewide. JABSOM’s Hawai`i Health Workforce Study, which is ongoing with support of the Hawai`i State Legislature, has identified there is a shortage in Hawai`i of over 600 practicing physicians, 60 physician assistants and 180 nurse practitioners when our health workforce is compared to that in a similar-sized community on the U.S. Mainland. The Area Health Education Center (AHEC), in charge of the study, is now working to grow the workforce by job recruitment as well as by launching Hawai`i’s first Loan Repayment Program for eligible MDs and Nurse Practitioners. They receive funding which can be used to pay off their education loans if they commit to serving at least two years in a rural community health setting. AHEC has also sponsored a conference to assist providers interested in making their practices a Patient Centered Medical Home, and will be hosting another conference in April 2013.

For more about AHEC, see the AHEC WEBSITE.

Pictured are JABSOM alumni who presented cloaks to our Class of 2016 at the students’ White Coat Ceremony last July.

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