GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE: 6.4 mile bike ride on March 23 to benefit MD students’ HOME (Homeless Outreach & Medical Education) Project

There’s a new fundraiser in the works for our medical students’ homeless outreach, and it’s going to get a lot of people pumped! It’s a 6.4 mile bike ride planned for Saturday, March 23, beginning at 9 a.m. (Ride begins at 10 sharp.)

Second-year medical student Huy Do launched a bicycle ride fundraiser called “Perpetual Health” when he was in college at the University of California-Irvine to raise awareness and support for Free Clinics of the Western Region. Now, he’s hoping to continue his love for biking and community healthcare services for the HOME (Homeless Outreach & Medical Education) Project at The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). The ride will begin and finish at JABSOM Kaka`ako. The route (6.4 miles) should only take about 40 minutes.

From the Perpetual Health ride in California.

From the Perpetual Health ride in California.

The best part is, anyone can help volunteer as a bike rider – faculty, family members, students, public!

Creative Recognition for Donors!

Gifts will be aimed at donations through JABSOM-affiliated students, faculty, and family members. Depending on what the donor wants to donate, Do’s team plans to represent them differently, with a neat idea for T-shirts.

$1 – the donor’s name will be placed on a shirt a quote from the donor

$5 – 1/8 of a shirt will be taken up with person’s name and quote

$10 – a quarter of a shirt + quote + picture

$15 – half of a shirt + quote + picture

$25 – or more – an entire shirt + quote + picture

In addition to name recognition (if the donor chooses to) – Do’s team will also put any quote relating to something/someone a person is thankful for or relating to medicine, JABSOM, or health and fitness. People who donate $10 or more can have a picture to go along with their quote. Pictures can be sent through email, and money can be cash or check made out to the University of Hawaii Foundation with “Hawaii HOME Project” in the memo line. All proceeds will go to HOME Clinic.

The schedule for the ride on March 23 is:

9:00  – Cyclists gather, go over safety rules, inspect bikes, provide some snacks and hydration

10:00 – Start of bike ride

11:00 – End of bike ride (overestimating)

11:00 – 12:00 – Final words, congratulations, thanks to the volunteers.

The goal is to promote and raise public awareness about the service free clinics provide to the community. There is also a secondary emphasis on healthy lifestyle through exercise, biking being one of them. The ultimate goal is to continue this as a tradition in subsequent years, growing in number and interest. Huy hopes to expand it to local business and somehow achieve sponsorship for an annual event in the future. Hopefully Huy can also get pre-meds involved in this and create a club at UH to continue the legacy, and provide a bridge for undergraduates and medical students.

For more information, contact: Huy Do at:

So what’s the route for the HOME Perpetual Health 2013 Ride? It is shown below.
The HOME bike ride route

The HOME bike ride route

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