SLIDESHOW: 3rd Cross-Cultural Health Care Conference draws more than 200 health care professionals

By Maria Chun, PhD, Associate Chair, Administration and Finance for the Department of Surgery

The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) Department of Surgery held its 3rd Cross-Cultural Health Care Conference on February 8-9, 2013 at the Ala Moana Hotel. Reflective of its theme of collaborative and multidisciplinary interventions, over 200 professionals and trainees with diverse backgrounds registered for the conference. Disciplines represented include medicine, psychology, public health, nursing, social work, and healthcare administration. Three-fourths of the attendees were from Hawai`i (O`ahu and our Neighbor Islands) with the remaining 25% from U.S. Mainland and international destinations.

Dr. Danny Takanishi, Jr., Conference Co-Chair, opened the event by introducing Dr. Mark Hochberg, New York University Vice-Chair of Surgery, who presented a professionalism curriculum he developed for surgical residents, which includes a cultural component. He was followed by Dr. Robert Like from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, who provided best and promising practices on educating clinicians to provide culturally competent patient-centered care.

Other speakers included JABSOM’s Chair of Native Hawaiian Health, Dr. Keawe Kaholukula who discussed how to conduct community-based participatory research with native populations, and Dean Jerris Hedges (along with co-presenters Dr. Bruce Shiramizu and Dr. Todd Seto), who shared the health disparities and cross-cultural research resources available through RMATRIX program.

Dr. Martina Kamaka and Dr. Winona Lee described the Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence (NHCOE) and the other cultural programs overseen by the JABSOM Department of Native Hawaiian Health that emphasize cultural understanding as a path to better health care delivery. Internationally renowned speaker Dr. Joseph Betancourt shared his work on the Cross-Cultural Care Survey and efforts to measures the efficacy of cultural training in different settings.

Among the 40 presenters were some of JABSOM’s residents, fellows, and medical students. Dr. Lauren Okamoto and Dr. Anna Tamai shared their work on palliative care for Marshall Islanders in Hawai`i. Dr. Kara Wong Ramsay presented her work with Chuukese patients and the use of different interpretation methods, and medical student Jacques Ambrose (MS-3) discussed findings from his review of ACGME cultural competency requirements.

Dean Hedges observed, “We owe much to co-conference chairs Dr. Maria Chun and Dr. Danny Takanishi, who have brought our community together, along with national and international experts in cross-cultural health care.” He continued, “Collectively, the gathering represented a phenomenal exchange of perspectives and expertise. JABSOM is honored by this effort to advance health and humbled by the work of those who have developed this field of knowledge.”

Student scholarships were sponsored by Dean Hedges (UH-Mānoa JABSOM), Dean Mary Boland (UH-Mānoa School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene) and Dean Maenette Benham (UH-Mānoa Hawai`inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge).

A biennial event, the next conference will be held in February 2015. Please visit CCHC WEBSITE for more information about the conference.

Day-1 Photos by Arnold Kameda of JABSOM
. Captions for photos are available by clicking photo slideshow stream upper left and viewing on JABSOMʻs Flickr site.


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