WOW, THOSE NEW MD students look younger every year!

Yes, every summer just before The White Coat Ceremony, we do have to rub our eyes, blink and remark, “Wow, the new MD students seem to get younger every year!” But in this case, we admit we are pulling your leg a little. This group of delightful visitors from Unity Preschool came to visit the medical school’s SimTiki Center, where sophisticated robots programmed by our crack faculty and staff help real medical professionals learn and practice life-saving skills.

It’s never too early to implant the ideals of altruism and the willingness to lend a helping hand to someone in need. The John A. Burns School of Medicine knows our future health professionals can be found in classrooms at any grade level. Through a number of programs, including the Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence, our faculty and MD students reach out to young people to encourage them to consider health careers, and to empower them with the knowledge that they could succeed in any number of careers, using their unique talents.

Welcome, keiki!

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