WHAT FUN! Keiki Health Camp run by MD students a rousing, messy, wonderful success

With activities like “How to make snot”, how could children resist a half-day of health-centered learning and fun at the University of Hawai`i Mānoa John A. Burns School of Medicine?

The Keiki Health Day Camp on April 20, 2013 on the Kaka`ako Campus was aimed at school children from kindergarten through fifth grade. About 70 keiki took part, so the MD students certainly had their hands full (even when their fingers weren’t covered with, well…artificial nasal discharges). Other activities included: anatomy modeling, food trivia, sun safety, hand-washing, an outdoor obstacle course, and practicing good dental and hand hygiene. A healthy snack and lunch were provided, too.

“The current childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S. and especially in Hawai`i was the impetus of this first-time project,” said MD class spokesperson Kimberly Nagamine. The members of the MD Class of 2013’s Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society spearheaded the camp, a virtually 100% student-run endeavor. Mahalo for the fun and the photos, Class of 2013! We are proud of your creative spirit and the aloha for the children (and people) of Hawai`i that has led you to dedicate your lives to healing.

Oh, and by the way…for the rest of us who are not aces in chemistry: fake snot is actually a popular chemistry experiment with children. There are even recipes on the internet. (Of course!) The health lesson part of the experiment explains how mucous works with the hair in your nose to help protect you from breathing in all sorts of even nastier things.

With Flashplayer, enjoy our embedded Flickr slideshow. Or click HERE to directly view and/or download the photographs. The photo captions describe more about what was going on during the various sessions.