SLIDESHOW: AWARDS presented in 31 categories at JABSOM MD Convocation Ceremony

The John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) presented awards in 31 categories at the Convocation Ceremony for the MD Class of 2013 on Sunday, May 12.

Many of the awards are named in honor of physicians or community leaders who during their own careers raised the bar for outstanding achievement, and they recognize MD students who are following in their footsteps. The awards, which include cash prizes, are possible through the generosity of donors who have contributed to the medical school to fund the awards.

The awards include the Aloha Award, from the Office of Student Affairs, for the student who, over the course of their years at JABSOM, most personifies the Aloha Spirit. The 2013 Aloha Award winner is Dr. Kimberly K.M. Nagamine.

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award, presented by The Arnold P. Gold Foundation, goes to a student and a faculty member who exemplify compassion, competence and respect in the delivery of care. The 2013 awards were presented to new graduate Luella Marie R. Manlucu, MD and to JABSOM alumnus, faculty member and Hilo physician Melanie Arakaki, MD.

The Friends of the Medical School (FOMS) presented three awards. They included the Po`okela No`eau Award, presented to Michael K.K. Tom, MD, recognizing him as “the student who most represents the ideal physician”, and the Po`okela Noi`i Award, recognizing outstanding research, which was earned by 2013 MD Class President Krista Kiyosaki, MD.

The 2013 John M. Hardman, MD Award for Mentoring in Teaching was presented to Dr. William F. Haning, III, a graduate of JABSOM’s first four-year MD class, and a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry. A full list of the awards may be found below. Mahalo again to the generous donors who make this well-earned recognition possible.

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2013 MD Awards                                                                                               

ACP Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine went to Carol S. C. Lai, MD; The ACP Bernard Yim, MD Award, to  Meredith W. Wagner, MD; The ACP Bernard Yim, MD Award, to Robert L Barnes, MD; The E.E. Black Community Service Scholarship went to  Timothy T. Y. Fei, MD and Katherine K. S. Rieth, MD; The Walter F. Char, MD Prize in Psychiatry went to Nicolas A. Villanueva, MD; The Dr. Albert C.K. Chun-Hoon Award for Community Service went to  Alycia W. L. Yee, MD; The Windsor and Mary Cutting Excellence in  the  Basic Medical Sciences Award went to Krista K. Kiyosaki, MD; The Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Award to Robert L. Barnes, MD; The Hawai’i Academy of Family Physicians Outstanding Student Award to Anne H. Yoshizawa, MD; The Hawai`i Lions Foundation Ophthalmology Award to Michael C. W. S. Yim, MD; The Hawai’i Medical Association Alliance Endowment Award was a tie: Krista K. Kiyosaki, MD and Aaron T. Saunders, MD; The Dr. Laura Weldon Hoque Award went to Brendan T. Inouye, MD; The Glenn M. Kokame, MD Memorial Award for Surgery was earned by Krista K. Kiyosaki, MD; The Dr. Frank and Mary McDowell Award went to Ashley K. Aratani, MD; The John M. Ohtani, MD Award went to Meredith W. Wagner, MD;  The Friends of the Medical School Po’okela Noeau Award was presented to Michael K. K. Tom, MD; The Friends of the Medical School Po’okela Noi’i Award to Krista K. Kiyosaki, MD and the Friends of the Medical School Aequanimitas No’ono’o Pono Award to Kris R. Kawamoto, MD; The Reddy Award in Pediatrics went to Allison C. Y. Tam, MD; The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award (student) went to Luella Marie R. Manlucu, MD; The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award (faculty) went to Melanie Arakaki, MD; The Terry C.Y. Wong, MD Memorial Award was presented to Kris R. Kawamoto, MD; The Yazawa Family Endowed Award went to Timothy T. Y. Fei, MD and Kimberly K. M. Nagamine, MD; The Kaiser-Permanente Excellence in Pre-Clinical Teaching Award to Jill S. M. Omori, MD; The Kaiser-Permanente Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award to Thomas S. Kosasa, MD; The John M. Hardman, MD Award for Mentoring in Teaching to William F. Haning, III, MD; The Aloha Award to Kimberly K. M. Nagamine, MD; and the Dean’s Certificate of Distinction in Social Justice was presented to Katherine K. S. Rieth, MD.