IN REMEMBRANCE of Dr. Alan Tice, by Dominic Chow, MD

(UHMEDNow Editor’s note: Dr. Alan Tice was the “go to” physician on infectious disease whenever a news reporter called the University of Hawai`i’s medical school. As you can see in our photo, where Hawai`i News Now reporter Tim Sakahara adjusts Dr. Tice’s microphone before a TV interview, Dr. Tice was always enthusiastic about informing the public. He did this in memorable ways, for example, involving MRSA, the topic of one of his “Summer Institute Staph Meetings”—the title of which gives you a taste of his sense of humor. As a teacher, he was delightfully unpredictable. He once brought a live chicken to class in Kaka`ako to discuss avian flu. The following memorial essay about Dr. Tice is written by Dr. Dominic Chow, and first published in the University of Hawai`i Internal Medicine Residency Program Newsletter for May/June, which is linked in full below this article. -Tina Shelton)

In Memorium, by Dominic Chow, MD
Alan Tice, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA, (December 10, 1943 – March 30, 2013) was a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. He trained in internal medicine at Roosevelt Hospital in New York and New York University before completing a fellowship in infectious diseases under Louis Weinstein, MD, PhD, FIDSA at Tufts University’s New England Medical Center.

Dr. Tice helped organize the first Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) clinical conference in 1990 and authored both of the IDSA Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) guidelines. During his years on the IDSA’s Clinical Affairs Committee and chair of the Quality Measures Task Force, he represented IDSA in developing the Harvard Resource-Based Relative Value Scale and testified before Congress and the Health Care Financing Administration on behalf of IDSA. He also served as the Society’s delegate to the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates and AMA’s Physician Consortium for Performance Network. He helped organize the Managed Care in Infectious Diseases Conference in 1995. In 1996, IDSA honored him as its Clinician of the Year and again in 2012 with the IDSA Society Citation, a discretionary award given in recognition of exemplary contribution to IDSA for outstanding discoveries and achievements.

Dr. Tice, right, with Dr. Lawrence Eron, at a "JABSOM Career Night" session for MD students.

Dr. Tice, right, with Dr. Lawerence Eron, at a “JABSOM Career Night” session for MD students.

Dr. Tice founded the OutPatient IntraVenous Infusion Therapy Association (OPIVITA) and directed the organization’s Outcomes Registry. His scientific contributions include authoring countless articles and abstracts on subjects ranging from OPAT to urinary tract infections, new antibiotics, and managed care. In addition to OPAT, his areas of particular interest include outcomes measures, networking, managed care, viral hepatitis, staphylococci, and appropriate antibiotic use.

Dr. Tice was also a founder, then president, of the Infectious Diseases Society of Washington and started the Hepatitis Resource Network for ID specialists to develop programs to improve treatment for patients with viral hepatitis. He was editor of the OPAT Newsletter and a section editor for Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, ID Alert, ID News, Contagion, and other publications, and served on the editorial advisory board for Clinical Infectious Diseases. He has also constructed the and web pages for ID specialists.

Prior to him coming to Hawai`i, Dr. Tice started an infectious diseases practice in Washington State. There he assembled a group of infectious diseases specialists who developed programs in outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy, clinical research, and infection control. He also developed an outpatient ID unit that included a travel clinic, a reference microbiology laboratory, and a tuberculosis clinic.

The JABSOM Years

At the University of Hawai`i John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), Dr. Tice held an academic rank of associate professor. He contributed to the epidemiologic understanding of Staphylococcus, especially Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, (MRSA) and its risk factors in Hawai`i. Besides his infectious disease practice, he contributed his time and effort to treating individuals suffering from Hepatitis C at the Waikiki Health Center.

rs.tice4I first learned of Alan’s battle with cancer when he called me from a Queen’s in-patient ward. He was pushing to complete several manuscripts and projects that we were working on. Little did I know that he was the one hospitalized and he had just been transferred out of the ICU. Despite my recommends for him to slow down on these projects, he made every effort to have the residents complete their research projects. Alan was one of those unique individuals who was great in many things – he was a knowledgeable research scientist, strong patient advocate and compassionate clinician. He worked tirelessly in the internal medicine residency program – a constant cheerleader for resident education. He was given special recognition for his dedication to medicine education and research within the internal medicine residency program just prior to his retirement.

He not only taught residents but colleagues and the community as well. He was the primary community physician who treated Hepatitis C for a long time. His staff fondly remembers his dedication to his patients. They mention his humility and equal treatment of all people. He would find ways to get his homeless patients medications and champion their desire to successful find a cure for their infections. They feel privileged to have known and worked with him. Lastly, we recall how he loved to share photos and stories of his family. His family was his inspiration and joy. He retired early to spend more time with his children and grandchildren.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program Newsletter for May/June 2013 may be read in full at INTERNAL MEDICINE RESIDENCY PROGRAM NEWSLETTER. The Tice family suggests that those who wish to honor Dr. Tice with monetary gifts make a donation to the Hawai`i Food Bank.

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