ALUMNI: Dr. Aluli, Dr. Brady honored by Saint Louis High School

By Deborah Manog, UH Med Now Student Journalist

Two of the University of Hawai’i John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) `Ohana were inducted into the 2013 Gallery of Distinguished Achievers (GODA) last month. The GODA is the quintessential honor roll for Saint Louis School alumni and recognizes those who have distinguished records of accomplishment in both their professional and lifetime undertakings, and who have contributed to their alma mater as well as the greater community.

The 16th annual event, hosted by Saint Louis School and its Board of Trustees at the Sheraton Waikiki Resort, honored JABSOM alumni Dr. Emmett Noa Aluli, MD and JABSOM Residency Program alumnus and Associate Professor Dr. Stephen Kalani Brady, MD.

Aluli 2

Dr. Aluli’s Saint Louis Class Photo

Aluli, a clinical professor at JABSOM, is one of four native Hawaiian doctors who graduated in the first class at the medical school in 1962. Since 1976, Dr. Aluli has served in family medical practice at the Moloka`i Family Health Center and is currently Medical Executive Director of the Moloka`i General Hospital.

As a Native Hawaiian activist, Dr. Aluli played a monumental role in opposition to the military training and use of Kaho`olawe as a target practice for explosives. His passion to help the Hawaiian people reclaim and restore the sacred Kanaloa has endured over the years. Aluli is now a chairperson of the Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission, a founding member of Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana and co-founder of the Pele Defense Fund.

Affixed with his vocation as a healer, Dr. Aluli established Na Pu`uwai, Inc., a private non-profit charitable and educational corporation dedicated to the betterment of health conditions of Native Hawaiians. He is also a founding board member of Aha Hui o Na Kauka, the Native Hawaiian Physicians Association.

Also bestowed with this prestigious title is Dr. Stephen Kalani Brady, associate professor of the JABSOM Department of Native Hawaiian Health.

Brady is the primary care physician for the last surviving patients of Hansen’s disease at Kalaupapa, where he exemplifies the influence of his early days as a student of a Marianist education and its characteristics to promote a missionary spirit and attend to the poor and those needing assistance.

After treating these patients for over a decade, Dr. Brady has become an expert and lecturer on Kalaupapa’s history and spoke at the National Library of Medicine in Maryland on Kalaupapa and St. Damien in 2012.

Brady’s tenacity is best described through an anecdote when terrible weather preventing planes from flying out of the Moloka`i peninsula stood in his way of returning to Honolulu for a meeting. Instead of admitting defeat, he asked a patient if he could borrow a pair of shoes, which were two sizes too small. He hiked the steep 1,700-foot switchback trail and from there caught a ride to the “topside” airport.

Dr. Brady's Saint Louis Class Photo.

Dr. Brady’s Saint Louis Class Photo.

Brady is also Fellow of the American College of Physicians and is regularly featured on a local television news segment that answers patient health questions. He is a musician, vocalist and actor.

JABSOM is proud of both of these outstanding community physicians. Mahalo to the Saint Louis School for contributing to this story and for the class photographs of the two honorees.

For more information about the Saint Louis School, see: SAINT LOUIS SCHOOL WEBSITE.

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