WHAT TYPE OF MD WOULD YOU WANT TO BE? Our students meet the pros at “Career Night 2013”

Career Night at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) helps medical students learn more about the career paths they might pursue as physicians. One night each year, JABSOM faculty — including volunteer faculty — come to the University of Hawai`i medical school to tell the aspiring MDs about their specialties, and answer student questions about the rewards and challenges in their field. (Many of the participating physicians are JABSOM alumni, and all are organized for the event by Dr. Wendell Foo and Susan Foo–Mahalo!)

Why hold a Career Night? By the time medical students reach their fourth year at JABSOM, they will need to know which specialty in which they will seek further training as MD graduates in Residency Programs.

Are you curious? Sit in with the students during part of the Career Night sessions by watching this video. It shows portions of three of the various question and answer “Round Robin” Sessions held on Career Night. They include conversations between MD students and practicing MDs in the fields of Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics & Family Medicine.

In a separate video watch the introduction/opening session of 2013 “Career Night” and hear from Dr. Foo and second year medical student Chih-Wei Chang.

Career Night 2013 participants.

Career Night 2013 participants.

Mahalo to all the 22 MDs in trauma surgery, radiology, pediatrics, OB-GYN, Pediatric Emergency, Pediatric Endocrinology Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Anesthesia who volunteered their time to make Career Night 2013 a success:

Dr. Wendell Foo
Dr. Gareth Nakasone
Dr. Mary Montgomery
Dr. Seiji Yamada
Dr. Nathan Wong
Dr. Kelley Yim
Dr. Emily Diep
Dr. Charles S. Dietrich
Dr. Karen Thompson
Dr. David Shimizu
Dr. Christopher Lum
Dr. Chrisy Mafans
Dr. Kenneth Nakamura
Dr. Derrick Kida
Dr. Loren Yamamoto
Dr. Greg Uramoto
Dr. Diane Zuniga
Dr. Jeremy Poutre
Dr. Lori Freetage
Dr. Scott Moon
Dr. Kurt D. Edwards, LTC US Army
Dr. Joshua Ritenour

Video by Arnold Kameda.