VIDEO-UNDER PRESSURE: Transition to Clerkship got our third-year medical students ready for the unexpected

They’re deep in their clinical rotations now, but in July, our third-year MD students were coping with all sorts of unexpected emergencies in the safety of JABSOM’s Centers for Clinical Skills and SimTiki Simulation Center. Dive right into the chaos with them, in this fast-paced VIDEO.

Our video includes members of the MD Class of 2015 and interviews with Dr. Royce Shimamoto, Dr. Marcus Iwane and Dr. Masayuki Nogi. We also have cool photographs from the Transition to Clerkship Week.

Photo Gallery:

Glove and Gown Fittings

Clerkship Transition

Photos and videos by Arnold Kameda, Tina Shelton and video editing by Deborah Manog, UH Med Now Student Journalist.

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