MD Class of 2016 President Brandyn Dunn (also known as “Waldo”, because of his team’s “Where’s Waldo?” outfits) congratulates all our students, faculty and staff for a successful 7th Annal John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) Halloween Extravaganza!

Our students put their hearts into coming up with clever costumes and skits, because these are the costumes they will wear to delight keiki in the Halloween Carnivals they host at O`ahu homeless shelters this week (part of their work with JABSOM’s Homeless Outreach and Medical Education (HOME) Project.)

"Ariel and the Prince", Ariel Dunn and Eric Lau, MD Class of 2017.

“Ariel and the Prince”, Ariel Dunn and Eric Lau, MD Class of 2017.

2013’s Too Ghoul for School event was scheduled a day earlier than Halloween, on October 30th, to accommodate class schedules. But it rocked, as usual, with dance performances by the Classes of 2016 and 2017 (also known as our first and second-year medical students).

This year, the Class of 2017 put together a couple of skits, including one involving the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with a missing pizza as well as another skit involving the entire class dancing to the “Harlem Shake”. After numerous late night practices, the Class of 2016 took the show with their mashup performance to a song from “High School Musical”, the “Macarena”, and a couple other old time favorites!  Following much deliberation, the Class of 2017 won the title “JABSOM Halloween 2013 – Best Class Performance”.

Dr. Damon Sakai as Disney Villain "Ursula".

Dr. Damon Sakai as Disney Villain “Ursula”.

Other highlights of 2013 included “The Evolution of Dance” by the “Disney Villains” of the Office of Medical Education. Dr. Sakai, in full “Ursula” costume — complete with tentacles and makeup —  provided what Maleficent (Dr. Jill Omori) called the “Wardrobe Malfunction Moment” of the contest, when his bustier kept slipping down to expose his purple skin.  First-year medical student Eric Lau was the Prince and Ariel Dunn was “Ariel” from the Mermaid (naturally!). When the Class of 2017 danced as a group, Ariel gamely dropped to the floor and flopped around using her mermaid tail.

10583744835_a6ec44ae45There was a “Glowing Green Bunny”, celebrating the UH medical school’s headline-generating 2013 work creating the world’s first “glowing green” rabbits in Turkey. “This is to represent our Institute for Biogenesis Research (IBR) team at UH Mānoa and their celebrated work in transgenesis,” said Director of Communications Tina Shelton, who was wearing a bunny costume bedecked with growing green-LEDs.

When her costume was selected as the “Best Individual Costume”, Tina said, “I accept this on behalf of Professor Stefan Moisyadi and the IBR, whose skills created the green rabbits.”

"Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles" scowl as they hunt for pizza. (Class of 2017).

“Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles” scowl as they hunt for pizza. (Class of 2017).

“The Halloween Extravaganza is one JABSOM’s best and finest traditions!  said Class of 2016 President Dunn. “We really want to thank Vice Dean Emeritus Dr. Satoru Izutsu and UHM Chancellor Emeritus Dr. Virginia Hinshaw for serving as costume contest judges, and Dean Jerris Hedges for funding some prizes from the Medical School Bookstore,” said Dunn.

To view our slideshow by Arnold Kameda without flash player, click HERE .

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