AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Tip sheet from Hawai`i State Government

From the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
The Hawai`i Insurance Division today released a health insurance premium sheet that will give consumers a better idea of what a new 2014 Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan will cost compared to their existing 2013 health plan.

Individuals and small businesses can use this as a guide to estimate premiums if they purchase a 2014 ACA plan. The sheet is meant to be a tool that will show premiums offered by Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA) and Kaiser Hawaii on and off the Hawai`i Health Connector.

Hawai`i Insurance Commissioner Gordon Ito recently asked insurers to extend non-ACA compliant plans into next year. This follows the decision by President Obama to allow individuals to keep their existing 2013 insurance plans in 2014 even if the plans do not meet ACA requirements.

HMSA and Kaiser Hawai`i will continue 2013 individual plans. All five insurers (HMSA, Kaiser, Hawai`i Medical Assurance Association, University Health Alliance, and Family Health Hawai`i) will also be offering ACA plans for small businesses, subject to the Insurance Division’s approval. HMSA and Kaiser will continue to offer their non-ACA-compliant 2013 plans for individuals.

“Using that premium sheet, consumers and small businesses can compare their ACA plan premiums to the premiums for their existing 2013 plans plus add an increase to their 2013 plans of about 8 percent to 10 percent,” Ito said.

ACA-compliant plans can be purchased through the Hawai`i Health Connector or directly from an insurer. Consumers and small businesses are reminded that only ACA-compliant plans purchased through the Hawai`i 2014 Exchange Premium Comparisons 120513 (1) Individual Rate Comparisonsi Health Connector will be eligible for tax credits.

Non-compliant 2013 health insurance plans cannot be purchased through the Hawai`i Health Connector.

For small businesses, Hawai`i’s Prepaid Healthcare Act requirements must continue to be met.

The Insurance Division oversees the Hawai`i insurance industry, issues licenses, examines the fiscal condition of Hawaii-based companies, reviews rate and policy filings, and investigates insurance related complaints.

The Hawai`i Health Connector is a nonprofit organization. It is not a government entity.

Pictured are members of the John A. Burns School of Medicine’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health: 2nd year family medicine resident Dr. Jocelyn Fong, Dr. Yasutoshi Kobaashi of Mimihara General Hospital in Japan and Dr. Allen “Chip” Hixon, Family Medicine Chair.

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