JABSOM GOLD HUMANISM SOCIETY Essay Contest Deadline February 2

By Benjamin Greidanus, MS4

The Gold Humanism Society at the John A. Burns School of Medicine is holding its first annual essay contest.

The 1st place winner will get their piece published in the Hawai`i Journal of Medicine and Public Health and $200.00 cash! Second place will receive $150.00 cash! Third place will receive $100.00 cash!

All entries will be compiled and put on the JABSOM Gold Humanism Honor Society website (with the author’s permission). The deadline is February 2, 2014.

The essay will be labor intensive, but with the reward being a chance at publication and cash, it will be worth the effort!

WHAT IS THE GOLD HUMANISM HONOR SOCIETY (GHHS) AT JABSOM?                                               The mission of the GHHS is to recognize, support and promote the values of humanism and professionalism in medicine. Every year, 15% of JABSOM’s senior medical school class is chosen to be members of the society through a peer nomination process based on “demonstrated excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.”

The JABSOM class of 2014 is the first class to nominate members into GHHS. Every subsequent class will do the same. The chosen members of GHHS aim to serve JABSOM and the larger medical community by promoting humanism in medicine through various events and activities in their final year of medical school.

HOW DOES THE GHHS HOPE TO PROMOTE HUMANISM IN MEDICINE THROUGH THE ESSAY CONTEST?As a means to encourage dialogue about humanism in medicine at JABSOM, the GHHS will be offering the annual essay contest on humanism.  This contest will be offered only once during the academic year and will ask medical students to submit a piece of creative writing (such as an essay, short story, or editorial).

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO SUBMIT A PIECE OF WRITING?                                                                                           Any JABSOM student from MS1-MS4 (excluding the current members of GHHS).

WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOUR ENTRY?                                                                                                                Because the submission will be considered for publication, the standards are high.  The writing must be eight pages in length, double spaced, 12 font arial, with 1 inch margins.  The piece must have a beginning and an end, it must flow well, and it must have appropriate grammar and spelling. The piece must attempt to answer and explore this question: WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF HUMANISM IN MEDICINE? This topic is intentionally broad. You may choose to editorialize on the topic, reflect on personal experiences in medical school, reflect on personal experiences with the health care system, or even examine the literature to explore if there is any evidence that humanism affects patient outcomes or satisfaction with care. In essence, it is up to you how you would like to approach this project.

For more information about the Hawai`i Journal of Medicine and Public Health, for examples of past issues of the Medical Student Hotline feature in HMJPH, or for guidance with citations, and formatting, please visit: <a href=”http://hjmph.org” target”_blank”> HMJPH. </a>

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the contest or would like more guidance. Good luck!

Benjamin Greidanus, MS4, GHHS Student Member, Email: bdg@hawaii.edu

About our photo: Our fourth year medical student members of the Gold Humanism Society, shown at their induction ceremony, are: Benjamin Greidanus, Ryder Onopa, Jenny Chan, Malia Takeuchi, Jodi Kagihara, Jennifer Beair, Mazie Tsang, Kristen Teranishi, Jon Ishii and Trevor Grace (missing from photo).

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