HYPERBARIC Medicine Doctor Macris Helps Reporters Understand Hypoxia in Wake of Stowaway Story

Dr. George Macris of the medical school’s Hyperbaric Treatment Center helped news media around the world understand the potential effects of altitude on the human body, in interviews broadcast after a teenager allegedly stowed away on a flight from California to Maui in the wheel well of a jet.

The cold temperatures and low oxygen in the wheel well likely left the teen hypoxic, which could have put his body in a state similar to hibernation.

Dr. Macris and the Hyperbaric Treatment Center (HTC) team, located at Kuakini Medical Center, have treated SCUBA divers with decompression illness since 1983.

Increasingly, the HTC’s clients also include medical patients who would benefit from high levels of oxygen delivered at greater than atmosphere pressure. This is called hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. These include patients with diabetic skin ulcers.

Dr. Macris, Medical Director of the HTC, answered the call when media contacted the John A. Burns School of Medicine seeking to better understand the stowaway’s story.

Dr. Macris is an experienced provider in Emergency Medicine and is boarded in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine and Internal Medicine. Dr. Macris was an undersea medical officer in the U.S. Navy.

His interviews ended up in newscasts in Hawai`i, but also on ABC News, CNN and here, The NBC Nightly News on April 22, 2014. STOWAWAY NBC NEWS.

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See our Hyperbaric Treatment Center website at HTC Website.

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