You know it’s TRANSITION to Clerkship When…

The week of Transition to Clerkship is a great metaphor for all of medical school at the University of Hawai’i. You jump right in, knowing that no matter what, your fellow students always have your back.

(See our embedded slideshow by UH Med Student Journalist Amanda Shell directly at TRANSITIONS .)

The medical students in the Class of 2016 brushed up on all the basic skills–injection workshop, dressing for success in surgery (teamwork a must!), primers on examining everyone from newborn infants to the elderly.

The week of June 16 marked that hard-won transition from classroom learner to new recruit on the field. They’ll be guided by the pro’s–new MDs who have already earned their degrees–and by our most trusted, accomplished faculty in the wards at Kapio’lani Medical Center, Kuakini Medical Center, The Queen’s Medical Center and Wahiawa General Hospital. As they rotate between weeks in OB-GYN to Pediatrics to Surgery to Medicine to Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Psychiatry, they’ll come to know all the best places to find parking before their 4 a.m. shifts, how to eat on the run, and most of all, how to take joy in the limitless opportunities to serve Hawai’i’s people well at a critical–sometimes wonderful, sometimes frightening–time in their lives.

It’ll be okay, Hawai’i. Because with the accomplished, dedicated, compassionate teachers around them, and YOU right there in the center—these MDs-to-be from the John A. Burns School of Medicine have most certainly got your back.

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